The key to growing your startup is not a hack or tactic. The key is accurately understanding your customer's need and designing a solution they love and are willing to pay for.

If you choose to learn 1DA with our guided workshop, you and your team will create all of the tools you need to truly validate your customer's need, the solution they desire, and their willingness to pay for that solution.

Rapid growth is built on a solid foundation of deep customer knowledge, and 1DA was explicitly designed to help you achieve that knowledge.

1DA gets you a clear path to generating the metrics you need, whether your immediate goal is fundraising or faster growth, or both.

"After 1DA, I feel good. My path forward is much clearer."

— Nicole D. · Founder · Austin


Ask each person on your team to define your customer, the customer's main problem, and your solution to that problem. If you get different answers, 1DA is for you.

Our guided workshop is for startups who want to make faster progress toward product-market fit and repeatable growth. Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • "We can't clearly describe who our customer is, or what problem we solve for them"
  • "We don't have a good way of researching how our customers feel about our product"
  • "It's hard to explain to investors what, exactly, we're doing, and what our business is"
  • "Raising money feels harder than it should"
  • "We need to get ready for applying to a tier 1 accelerator"

"I've grown a lot today, as a founder."

— Becket F. · Founder · North Carolina


Growth (and everything else) gets a whole lot easier once you're clear about what you're doing, why you're doing it, and who you're doing it for. Without this clarity, your startup will feel like a never-ending uphill battle.

After completing the One Day Accelerator, you'll be holding a tremendously valuable set of assets and a plan for your next steps. You'll have new superpowers, like these:

  • Test and validate your customer's needs
  • Test the desirability of your solution and which features are the most valuable to your customers
  • Test your pricing model and your actual prices
  • Easily recruit your target customer for research calls or sales demos
  • Communicate your solution in a clear and compelling sales deck
  • Create a succinct and impressive landing page
  • Create a script for customer research interviews that will get you the insights you need to make progress on product and growth
  • Understand the skill and experience gaps on your team
  • See a path forward with clear next steps toward faster growth

After 1DA, you can take advantage of our (free) post-accelerator program which includes:

  • Guided pitch practice with a fundraising strategist
  • Investor matching
  • 1:1 Working Sessions with growth, product and research specialists

"If I’d done this before building my first product, it would have accelerated everything. I'm just glad we did it this time around."

— Alex P. · Founder · North Carolina

"I love how it helped realign our team, and how it was totally interactive without any boring presentations."

— Tim P. · Founder · Austin


We believe the #1 mistake startups make is not accurately understanding their customer: who their customer is; what their real problems are; and what solution they desire and are willing to pay for.

1DA is brought to you with love by the team at GrowthMatch. We're repeat founders, Techstars alums and startup fanatics. We're obsessed with helping you skip the trial-and-error so you can start growing faster, now.

We personally host each 1DA, but the real star of the show is your own team because you'll be doing each of the exercises.

During the workshop, the 1DA team is available to jump in and help your team on challenges including: Messaging & Positioning, Solution Ideation, Solution Design, Rapid MVPs, Pricing Strategy, Growth Channels, Analytics, and more. Our specialists rotate with each program, so we'll announce which specific specialists will be attending your 1DA a few weeks before it begins.


The 1DA team has helped accelerate pre-seed, seed and Series A startups from the world's best programs

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We want to ensure every startup on the planet can access 1DA, regardless of their means

That's why we offer a DIY version of 1DA with community support that is 100% free.

We also know that some startups want to move faster, and they want more certainty that they're doing things right the first time. For these startups, we offer a guided workshop and followup support from the 1DA team.

And last, we love helping later stage startup (Series A and beyond) level up and align their team around a clear, shared understanding of their customer—while also equipping their team with powerful new Customer Discovery skills that will help them across all product and growth efforts in the future.